Secure Your uKit Website with HTTPS

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We are particularly delighted to announce the today’s update, as we know how greatly it was anticipated by most of you. Starting from now, you can attach a SSL certificate to your uKit website! Read on to learn the details.

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New Image Cropping Tool

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Many of you must have already noticed that the image editing experience has improved on uKit. Now it’s easy to choose the part of the image that you’d like to display by removing the outer, non-important aspects like a watermark in the corner or other "elements" that got in the way – we all remember the joke about that one friend who spoils every picture :)

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Meet New Stylish Designs for Your uKit Website!

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We’re excited to have added a big batch of stunning responsive designs to our ever-growing template collection. The new designs are already available in your website settings.
So, without further ado, let’s have a look at them!

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Font Settings for uKit!

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It's not only trees and flowers that blossom in the spring. uKit is bursting with new additions for the springtime too. Meet the new functionality that many of you have been asking for – now you can change default fonts in the Design settings of your website!

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Launching eCommerce Functionality on uKit

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One and a half months ago we announced the launch of our own functionality to create an online shop with uKit — the shopping cart. All this time up until now it has been at the beta test stage and today we’re ready to unveil it!

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We’ve Turned 2 Years Old!

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Hurray! Today we celebrate our second birthday! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing and productive time we’ve spent together — it has been the whooping 731 days! And say hello to those who have recently found out about us! :)

We invite you to take a moment and join us in reflecting on what we have achieved so far!
(A special offer inside!)

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The New uKit eCommerce Functionality Has Arrived!

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Three cheers for the update! We have added the feature that many of you have been waiting for — now uKit has a built-in tool to create an online store with an opportunity to feature products on your website so that your customers could add them to the cart and place orders. All new options are responsive, just as any other functionality on uKit, making your website work great not only on desktop, but also on tablet or mobile.

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Table Widget for Your uKit Website

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Meet the first update of 2017! And right from the start, we're presenting one of the most anticipated features. Now adding a table to your uKit website is a matter of several clicks.

The new widget allows creating simple tables with the unlimited number of columns and rows. Enjoy!

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New Year’s Special Offer!

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Holiday season is all about giving and here at uKit we’ve prepared special presents to share with you — 5-year and lifelong subscriptions at an exclusive price!

Read further to learn how to redeem the offer and join us in looking back on the highlights from 2016.

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Improved Maps: Overlay & Setting a Map as a Block Background

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This time of the year, it’s mostly either rainy, or snowy and freezing cold outside. But here at uKit we know how to clear the skies. To warm you up, we’ve prepared an exciting and useful update. Today, we’re releasing a batch of cool additions to the map’s feature set. Enjoy!

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