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While you work hard to make sure that every link actually takes to a specific place on your website, there is always a chance that you may provide a broken link by mistake, or a user may misspell an URL. What happens then? A standard error message. Not the friendliest way to communicate with customers. With this update, though, you can customize the “404 Not Found” page to your liking. Links? Images? Your own text? All of these are there!

To find this new addition, navigate to the Pages section and select System pages. Next, choose 404 and click on (gear icon) to open the editing options.

There are 3 preset designs to choose from, and several standard colors or an image that can be set as a background. Also, it’s possible to use and configure the title and text. Naturally, you can insert links within the text.

Adding Animation to Blocks

The second feature is about animation effects for blocks’ appearance. While surfing the Internet, you might have seen websites and landings with content flying into the page, expanding, and fading. Now all of these are available on uKit.

To add animation, go to the Design section, click the toggle next to the feature, and choose the pages you want to apply animation to.

Now the chosen pages will be more eye-pleasing when scrolled.

More Markers for the Map!

The third improvement is also based on your requests. Now the Map Widget allows adding more than one marker. If you have several offices, branch establishments, or you simply need to label two or more places — this update is just for you.

To find the feature, open the widget’s settings, click Add map marker, and enter the necessary information. The map will center itself to display all labelled locations. In total, you can add up to 10 markers.

The feature is supported by Google Maps and Bing Maps.

As always, our team keeps working to make uKit better for you. We appreciate your support and would love to hear your thoughts on new releases!

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1 etpinocchio • 18:17, 11.10.2016
...useful upgrade... especially this about the 404 page.... The website has abetter aspect now
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