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Happy Holidays with uKit!

Added by: julia_piglet , 19:34 786

On this Christmas Eve, not only Santa’s elves worked non-stop to prepare gifts for you, but also the uKit team :-) Now that there’s less than a week left before the chime of New Year bells, we want to offer a special Christmas plan for the users who have been by our side in 2018 and also for those who are going to join us in the upcoming year!

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Launching uLanding Builder

Added by: Caterpillar , 10:03 836

We have finished the closed beta for uLanding, a landing page builder. For us, this is a logical extension to our product line and a chance to provide our users with a service for creating landing pages and doing A/B tests.

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Summer Offer! 3 Months of Any uKit Plan for Free!

Added by: julia_piglet , 16:54 1237

The time to upgrade your website is when the sun is shining - and our summer sale has already started! Buy any uKit plan for at least 6 months and get 3 extra months for free! The offer lasts through August 2 and is valid for all uKit plans.

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uKit Is In Your Hands Now

Added by: Kurt , 19:02 1941

uKit is a dynamically developing service. I am sure that each of you feels this way and would like to see the product develop even more efficiently. As a company, we want to evolve as well, though any step forward requires, among other things, financial investments. These days, the most advanced way to raise funds for bringing ambitious plans to life is ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is a real opportunity for you to support the company in its development of new products, directly influence existing products and, of course, make money on that.

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uKit Alt ver. 2.0: Turn Your Facebook Page into a Mobile-Friendly Website

Added by: julia_piglet , 17:29 1556

About a year ago, we introduced the first version of our converter that allows turning a Facebook page into a fully functional and adaptive website. Considering there were very few similar products on the web market at that time (as well as now, actually), the feature stirred the interest of many users — uKit Alt has been used for over 30 thousand times since it was launched. Today we are glad to present a new version of our converter — updated and improved.

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Hot Summer Offer at uKit

Added by: Caterpillar , 17:03 2188

To warm you up after the chilly spring, we are announcing an incendiary summer offer.
Kick start a new season with our truly hot discounts! Read on to learn the details.

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Launching eCommerce Functionality on uKit

Added by: Caterpillar , 11:10 2668

One and a half months ago we announced the launch of our own functionality to create an online shop with uKit — the shopping cart. All this time up until now it has been at the beta test stage and today we’re ready to unveil it!

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New Year’s Special Offer!

Added by: Caterpillar , 19:30 2607

Holiday season is all about giving and here at uKit we’ve prepared special presents to share with you — 5-year and lifelong subscriptions at an exclusive price!

Read further to learn how to redeem the offer and join us in looking back on the highlights from 2016.

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Happy Birthday, uKit!

Added by: Caterpillar , 12:39 2541

Today is a big day for all of us — uKit is turning 1 year and is leaving the beta testing. Since our launch a year ago on the 1st March, we have gone from strength to strength and are thrilled to see all of your beautifully-designed websites coming to life with the help of uKit. It was a year of tremendous growth and changes with over 200 new designer-made templates, more than 40 widgets, exciting interface improvements, a custom domain option and more.

And since here at uKit, a birthday is an occasion not only to receive gifts but also to give them, we would like to offer you special festive treats.

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Your Website Deserves Love

Added by: Caterpillar , 14:04 2069
Whoever you are, a hopeless romantic or a serious person ignoring St. Valentine’s Day, we would like to give you an opportunity to treat "someone" who, we hope, you truly love — your website. All uKit’s functionality is available at the discounted price!
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