What Do I Need That For?

A reasonable question if you are running a business page in social media and have never given a thought to what kind of benefits and possibilities your own website can give you. We got this covered in our FAQ article:

New Version: What Changed?

1. Create content-filled websites out of empty pages

How is that possible? This is our special magic :-) Actually, behind this magic is the work of our copywriters and designers. If your page or profile at the moment of conversion is hardly filled or completely empty, as a result you will still get a fully-fledged website with all necessary blocks — a slider, a price list and even products. The only thing you need to do is to edit them and delete the elements you don’t need.

2. Even personal profiles can be converted

Before, our converter was unable to process personal profiles and asked you to create a page based on your Facebook profile in the first place.

That wasn’t a show stopper but took some of your time. The new version of the converter is now able to work with personal profiles and create great landing pages by using them. Just click “choose from the list of pages that belong to you” and the converter will get the job done for you :-)

3. Six designs and three website types

In the new version, we focused on the quality of our templates rather than on their quantity by replacing 9 designs with 6 absolutely unique new ones.

We have also added 3 website types (single-page, multi-page and a personal profile) which differ in their layout, composition, set of blocks and so on.

We are willing to add more different layouts in the future depending on your requests. So don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us — we’ll never get tired of saying it :-)

4. “Smart” website content with multivariate results

The converter can disable/enable blocks even before a website is created — it goes one step ahead thus saving your time. A variety of designs and layouts multiplied by the types of websites and their content, as a result, allow you to get hundreds of options for a ready-made site. No one will ever say that websites created with uKit Alt converter look like carbon copies of each other. We did take care of that :-)

5. Work speed

We have optimized everything we possibly could and now the converter runs like a clockwork when creating a draft of your website — all changes are applied within seconds :-) Try it out yourself.

Convert your FB page into a website

Please comment if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas :-)

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1 Fliros • 13:59, 15.11.2017
Nice work guys. But it would be even better if it could convert FB-shop (if there is one. For example https://www.facebook.com/DominosEtsy/) to product sub-pages.
I hope we will see this kind of improvements in future wink
2 julia_piglet • 16:15, 16.11.2017
Thank you so much for your suggestion  smile  If we collect some more requests like this, we will definitely implement FB shop conversion in the future.
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