Who Will Benefit uLanding?

It’s perfect for those who want to check their marketing ideas. For this, you need only two things — the visual representation your idea and traffic.

uLanding is a tool that makes it possible to test hypotheses super quickly: it takes 10 minutes to put together a landing page without knowledge of web design, and just 1 minute to launch an experiment, drive traffic and see the results.

We use Google technologies for running experiments, which ensures that nothing will interfere with the accuracy of the experiment you perform: the traffic will be evenly distributed, all bots filtered out, and results verifiable.

No less important is that uLanding allows you to see all leads coming from different sources in one place and, if necessary, send them to CRM.

The functionality available in the new builder is similar to the features of the Pro plan in uKit. Plus, the feature enabling A/B tests has been implemented.

In uLanding, we offer a 7-day free trial, during which you can try out all the features of the builder to create one project and 5 landing pages. Once the trial days are up, your landing pages will no longer be available for public viewing.

What Comes Next?

    The collection of templates and themes will be expanded;
    Specific widgets for contact forms and pop-up windows will be added;
    More settings for the Text widget (color, size) will become available.

Which Plan Is Right for Me?

Ulanding offers 3 subscription plans that differ in the number of available projects and landing pages you can use at the same time. The more simultaneous experiments you want to run and the more versions to test, the higher plan you’ll need:

(1 project, 5 landing pages)
(3 projects, 30 landing pages)
(10 projects, 1000 landing pages)

Need more? Contact us via email, and we’ll help you with that.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Rush to Get All This?

Sign Up

    If you participated in the uKit birthday offer earlier this year and received a promo code, don’t miss the chance to take advantage of it to get a free yearly subscription on uLanding.

If you don't have one, all of you who are reading this post now can use this promo code to get a 25% discount:


Feel free to share your feedback on the current version and submit your suggestions in the comments below :-)

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