What Backup Modes Are Available?

uKit provides two primary backup modes — Manual and Automatic. Automatic Backups are created by the system at particular time intervals throughout the year such as weekly, monthly, and quarterly. The Manual copies can be made by the users themselves at a time convenient to them.
By default site backups are identified by the date they were created at. All backup copies can be renamed to help you look for them. You can access the backup tools on the left panel in the editing mode:

Automatic Backups

The Automatic Backup system is working for any of the created sites using this process:

  • Each week, we create a weekly backup of your entire website. If there have been no changes to the website, the system refrains from recreating a copy.
  • After the month has passed, the first week’s backup is stored as the monthly backup. The other weekly copies for this month will be deleted.
  • After the year has passed, the system retains every fourth month’s backup — creating quarterly backup copies. It starts with saving the first monthly copy of the year — turning it into the first quarter’s backup.
  • That logic has been visualized by our designers and you can see it on the following animated picture.

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    Manual Backups

    Manual Backups can be created by a user at any time, e.g. before making major changes to their websites. You can create up to a maximum of ten manual backups, which is enough to preserve all key versions of your site. Each of the backups can be also deleted at any time once they are no longer needed.

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