A Callback Widget

Now it has become even easier for your audience to reach you. With a new Callback widget you can receive callback requests from your website visitors and contact them at the scheduled time. The customers’ requests will be sent directly to your mobile phone in the form of a text message with details on the preferred time and date.

The Callback widget can be added from the left hand side menu: click Builder > Contact > Callback.

Once you install the widget (it can be placed on either side of your website), your customers will see a neat green phone button.

When clicked, the request form will appear for a user to schedule a callback. You can configure these fields to have customers provide the details you need. The time zone info is collected from the sender’s side by default to ensure smooth communication across different locations.

AddThis Sidebar

Another useful widget is making its debut today: a sharing sidebar AddThis. Now your audience can easily share your website’s content in their social media accounts and spread the word about your business. Users can go for more than 20 services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Evernote.

AddThis sidebar automatically adapts itself to the website visitor’s preferences and displays only those social media that have been mostly utilized by the person lately.

The widget can be found in the Builder under the Social tab:

When folded, the AddThis sidebar shows up from 2 to 10 sharing buttons.

The number of AddThis sidebars per website is limited to one which can be installed either on the left or on the right side. Here's how it will look like:

And more!

Meet two new design categories: Finance & Business tailored specifically to the needs of financial and business service providers such as investment consultants, accountants, or business advisers, and Security & Safety created with security companies and surveillance system manufacturers in mind.

Business Consulting
Video Surveillance

We'd also like to especially thank those of you who leave feedbacks on updates — we're working very hard to provide the easiest, fastest, most powerful way for you to create a website and highly appreciate your support in helping us achieve that objective.

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1 tonyjgamblin • 17:51, 13.10.2015
The 'Callback' widget seems quite interesting for me. I will try it for sure! I've checked the new templates, as well. I love them! Keep up the good work, uKit!
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2 bigblog • 18:02, 13.10.2015
Thank you very much for your kind words! We still have many plans to improve the system's functionality and extensibility. Just follow our blog! smile
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3 Carlos • 15:42, 16.10.2015
The callback is cool indeed, way to go uKit
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4 furudaniel • 15:38, 25.11.2015
It would be awesome on very much appreciated, if one could translate callback and other widgets to their satisfaction.

Almost everything is editable, this could be too?
6 Sunny • 16:28, 25.11.2015
Thank you for your suggestion. It has been forwarded for consideration.
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5 furudaniel • 15:38, 25.11.2015
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7 jarodrabi • 22:45, 27.09.2017
I also want to request you very nicely, please allow user to change text in callback and other widgets.

In the opinion of our customers is very unprofessional, that our website is in one language and these widgets in another language.

Our customers are asking, why we have a non-Slavic language on our site.
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8 julia_piglet • 17:53, 28.09.2017
Please specify the name of your website and the texts you would like to be changed - we'll see what we can do. Thanks!
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