Header/Footer Editing

The first new option we are introducing today is the possibility to enable/disable widgets in website’s Header and Footer. Don’t want to see social media icons or a gallery at the top/bottom of your pages? Just deactivate the corresponding field in the settings.

However, don’t go overboard with it. We recommend not to remove the key widgets such as the contact information that is crucial to your sales. Don’t make website visitors and prospective customers search for the contact details too long, otherwise they might decide to look for similar services elsewhere.

In the upcoming updates we will make the Header/Footer even more customizable by adding the following features: custom site logo, changeable header background, the possibility to add other widgets and create widget sets.

Visual Editor

Though it may be not the most noticeable innovation, the new Visual Editor is no less important. We have fixed several errors and improved text editing, making it easier to work with the color in the first place.

The update is already available in the Heading and Text widgets. Other widgets are coming soon!

New Designs & Design Categories

Continuing to extend our design gallery, we have added two new categories: for freight, moving and delivery companies, and for medical clinics, health centers and any other medical facilities. Check out these new designs under the Logistics & Transportation and Health & Medical Care categories.

United Movers

Medical Center

If you think your website is lacking some features or you are looking for a design category currently missing on uKit — just let us know, and we will add them sooner than you think. You ask, we deliver!

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1 tonyjgamblin • 17:50, 13.10.2015
I was waiting for the possibility to edit the header and footer of my site, and it finally arrived! I hope that we will be able to completely customize it in the nearest future smile
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2 geordithomas • 18:20, 16.10.2015
So uKit, s it possible to make the design categories interchangeable? For those times you would like to try new designs for your site
3 Caterpillar • 15:46, 21.10.2015
Hello! The functionality to switch the site's design without loosing the content is not available at the moment. However, you can redesign your website completely in the Builder mode by changing the color scheme, pictures and fonts. Alternatively, you can delete the current website and create a new one with a more suitable design.
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