Your website visitors have questions, but very often they leave without asking them. Our new JivoChat widget makes it really easy for you to answer your potential customers’ questions in real time and turn them quickly into actual clients.

To access the JivoChat widget, click Builder > Contact > JivoChat.

You can easily create a JivoChat account through the uKit Builder and get started immediately. An account for up to 5 support agents will be provided absolutely for free. The starter edition includes a dialog transcript emailed to you right after the dialog ends, Windows and Mac OS X desktop apps, as well as a mobile app.

This is how the JivoChat widget will be displayed to your visitors:

New Badges

We enjoy watching you build your online presence as much as we like awarding badges for big steps you take while developing your perfect website. You already have a few honorary awards under your belt, like “Widget Maniac”, “Analyst”, or “Early Bird“. We are happy to introduce several more.

Check out the new badges:

If you have any questions or suggestions — we are always happy to hear them. Please comment below or use a feedback form.

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