When creating a website design, we follow a number of rules that ensure a better experience for visitors and prospective customers:

  • Keep it simple and clean, focus on content;
  • Use high-quality images and media (videos, presentations) to showcase products or services;
  • Have the contact information visible and easy to find, sales will depend on it;
  • The website must be easy to navigate and read, extra attention is paid to the readability of fonts and the combination of colors.

With uKit you won’t need to worry about most of those things, as our designers have already taken care of it.

You will also spend less time finding proper components for your website. Those designs that are provided in categories have a pre-installed set of widgets and blocks, depending on business needs of this business type. So, just in a few clicks you will have a ready-to-use website tailored to your business, where you will only need to replace the default content with your business’s description, portfolio, contact details, etc. And your website will look perfect not only on a desktop computer or a laptop, but also on tablets and mobile devices, as all available designs are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Today’s update includes new additions to the existing categories: Exhibitions, Fashion Model, Tattoo Artist, Flower Shop.

And several new categories: Emcee for showmen, event hosts and entertainers; Music for singers, bands and other music-related websites; Construction for businesses providing building and renovation services; and Nail Design for nail salons and individual nail artists.

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If you’d like any other categories to be added, just let us know. We really appreciate your feedback, and will be happy to add a category that suits your business best.

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