The new Duplicate a Page feature allows you to quickly add a page with the same layout and blocks as the original page. For example, if you run a real estate company, you might need several price lists with the same layout but having a number of differences depending on the target city.

To duplicate a page: choose Site Pages from the left menu > select the page > click Duplicate.

After clicking Duplicate, the duplicated page will appear under the original one in the Site Pages menu.


  • 1. The duplicated page has the same SEO settings as the original one. Don’t forget to modify them before publishing your website.
  • 2. The duplicated page has the same name and URL as the original one plus a number added at the end. The number shows how many times you've duplicated the page.

You can adjust the settings of the duplicated page, change its order in the list of Site Pages, and edit its content.

Happy website building!

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