The offer can be redeemed until January 1, 11:59 PM GMT with the promo code 2016UKIT to get 25% off the Premium Plan if paid for 1 month or 3 months, and 50% off if paid for 6 months or a year.

How do you use this?

To redeem the offer, open the Dashboard and click on “Buy Premium” at the top of the screen. Under “Buy Now” you will see the link “Do you have a promo code?”. Click on it and type your promo code into the discount box. Once entered, the discount will be automatically applied to all prices.

Please note that the promo discount is added to the existing discounts that are available depending on the period you pay for.

Happy holidays from the entire team here at uKit! We’re thrilled for the new year and can’t wait to bring you more exciting discounts, features, and updates. So, stay tuned!

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