Pinterest – a Popular Photo and Interest Sharing Service

With 50 billion Pins already created, it’s a match for Instagram and is sometimes considered a more effective tool for a business website. You can provide a link to a board that you have there and share your products, your shots, your travels. Or you can choose to link to a public board that reflects your interests or website’s goals – that can add new value to your website for visitors.
Show off jewelry created all over the world and promote your own creations; or enhance your website with the pictures of the breed that you are working with; or share the adventures that your customers got into on their tours. The possibilities are endless.

How to add it to your website? Choose a Pinterest board, add its link to the widget’s settings, and the photos from the board will be displayed on your website.

Bing Maps

Everything benefits from competition. In addition to the existing map widgets, we have also added Bing Maps, offering you an alternative service to mark the location of your business on a map. Make it easy for your customers to find you!

New Designs

Meet nine new templates for your website in such categories as Fashion Model, Photography, Exhibitions, and a number of general-purpose designs. All designs are responsive and mobile-friendly, looking perfect on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile.

And an extra nice little thing, that you might find helpful:

“Back to Top” Button

It’s a floating button that appears on a website when you scroll down a page for more that one screen. If you click on it, you will be taken back to the top of the page – a very convenient tool for “long” pages with a lot of content. The button can be enabled/disabled on the Design tab.

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