Now your website has a sitemap

This is a useful file that helps Google and other search engines index your website faster and more thoroughly. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to learn how the content on your website is organized. This is especially helpful if your website is new and has very few links from external sources. A sitemap allows search engines to discover all the pages of your website it might not otherwise have seen.

Every website created with uKit has a sitemap which exists in .xml format and consists of your website’s URL address along with metadata (last update date, frequency of edits, and the importance of a page relative to other URLs on the website).

Note: In order to activate this new feature — please republish your site. Just make any change so that the option to publish is available.

A sitemap gets updated automatically whenever you publish new edits to your website, and is available at the following address: www.""/sitemap.xml.

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1 chidexjoli • 04:04, 09.04.2017
Can I combine categories such as real estate/land properties , solar consultancy & general commerce
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