Organizing special offers for your customers? Or simply looking for the ways to maximize clients’ interest in your products?

With our brand new Timer Widget it is no longer a problem. Just add the widget to your website to count down time to the promotion expiry date or the start of the discount. This way, you will create a sense of urgency for your offers, or, in case of a special event, increase anticipation.

You can choose from 3 timer options:

#1 For a period of time. This is the most common type of the countdown clock settings. You set up the period of time and the clock counts down till 00:00:00.

#2 To a specific date. The clock works so that the time runs out at the time and date defined by you.

#3 Repeated. It will be triggered every day at the desired time. Here you can also set up the time period.

Naturally, should you want to change the look and feel of the widget it’s really easy to customize the appearance in the advanced settings. Here you can define the widget’s behavior once the countdown is over as well as edit captions to days, hours, and minutes as per your needs.

The new widget can be found on the left panel under Builder tab and added to the website by dragging and dropping with the mouse cursor. Try it now, it takes just a few clicks!

As always, we look forward to reading your ideas, suggestions, and critiques! Share them in the comments or contact our Support Team.

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