Although it has been a while since we released this feature, now that it is tested and polished we’d like to officially present it to you. Especially given that we’ve been working heads down on implementing it for quite a long time.

Whereas in the past you had to resort to the third-party graphic editors like Photoshop to remove the unnecessary parts of the image, now you can do everything you need right on the canvas: reposition the picture with the mouse cursor, cut out unwanted regions, zoom in or zoom out!

In addition to the above-mentioned zooming, the tool compresses the downloaded image, which is of particular importance in terms of SEO and comfort of your website visitors that might not have a high-speed Internet connection or might be visiting the website on a mobile device.

Before the Update

After the Update

Apart from the fresh and more modern interface design, of course, we put a lot of efforts in enhancing the functional side of things: added the slider to adjust the image size, rewrote the entire zoom logic as well as introduced SEO settings:

Seeing Once Is Better Than Hearing a Hundred Times

We’d love to hear your feedback, especially our development team that have been working day and night to bring you this update.

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1 gaikwadvinay92 • 21:19, 07.04.2017
I am really fed up of desing my website even my website got disapproved from adsesnse please help i have spent money on my website and it is of no use please help me i want response immediately.
3 Felicia • 19:15, 08.04.2017
AdSense has certain rules that you need to accomplish before they approve your site, for example a custom domain connected to your site. Did you follow correctly all their instructions? Many uKit sites were approve by AdSense till now.
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2 lazaros25011966 • 15:26, 08.04.2017
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