Your websites can be shown as tiles or as a list:

Why Is That Necessary?

The answer to this question will be obvious to owners of three or more websites on uKit, and those who run several dozen websites within the same account might be especially happy with the update - for example, the owners of web studios that create and further maintain websites for their customers.

Each website under My sites can be renamed so it is more convenient to navigate through the list. For example, you can create an alphabetical list of websites that would correspond to the order they should be updated.

If you prefer to have recurring payments disabled for your website, the new way of sorting the projects will make it easy to spot overdue websites and extend their subscription period. Though we recommend that you do not turn off automatic billing because this will help you avoid losing traffic and clients if your website gets deactivated.

What’s Next?

One of the upcoming updates which will make using uKit simpler for freelancers and those who order their services, is the opportunity to provide temporary access to a uKit website. Stay tuned!

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