Set it Up the Way You Like It!

+ plenty of other combinations :)

How Can I Activate the Widget

Finding the new widget is a piece of cake — it replaced the old one and is available in the Basic section on the Widget panel:

Important! The old widget will keep working on your sites as usual. Plus, you can find the previous version of the widget in the builder in the Content tab.

Easy Image Sorting

To change the image order in the Gallery, click on the “Edit gallery” button:

How Can I Add ALT and TITLE Attributes

No matter what type of gallery you choose, you can specify ALT and TITLE tags for each image:

More Options

Configure the Gallery look the way you like it. For example, change paddings:

In the slider mode, you can set the arrow design to toggle slides, select a toggle animation, activate the loop mode and more.

The biggest changes have been made to the collage mode — this is the place where your imagination can run wild since you can select from various collage options on the page:

Please comment if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas :-)

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1 collinstesting1 • 00:54, 22.04.2020 [Entry]
Can we add parallax effect in this?
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2 Jam • 14:54, 22.04.2020 [Entry]

Yes, you can add parallax effect ti images on your uKit website. Simply check "Parallax" when setting up a background, and you will have the effect smile More info on how to do it here:
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