The New Pop-Up. What’s Changed?

First of all, it has become a lot easier to find and configure pop-up window settings. To do this, just open the Site Pages tab in the Builder mode and you’ll see a new section:

At the same time, you still have a way to connect a pop-up window to a button directly in the widget:

Next, we introduced an opportunity to fine-tune trigger options of a pop-up window:

1. Click on button (a regular feature, has always been in place)

2. Timer (you can manually set up a delay period after which your window will appear)

3. Scroll (if the user has scrolled over 75% of the page)

4. Exit from website (if a mouse cursor moves outside the work area of the screen)

What’s Next?

We are planning to group pop-up windows into an individual widget and realize an opportunity to add texts, images and videos besides the existing feedback forms. Stay in the know — follow our updates! :)

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