The update is already available for all widgets, both old and new: Image, Card, Gallery, Slider, Reviews, and Product. We’ve also added a convenient image search that you can use when selecting the site background and block background! 🤗

Let’s take a look at how the library works for the Image widget:

When you go to select an image, you can use previously uploaded pictures from your PC (1), select a free image from ready-made categories (2), import pictures from your social networks (3), select a picture from a folder you created (4), or create a new folder (5).

The previously uploaded pictures can also be sorted into folders. To do this, just hover over them and click on the “3 dots” icon in the upper right corner:.

After the New Year, we’ll add the ability to upload images right to the folder of your choice 🚀

Don’t underestimate the search for ready-made free pictures — it’s very accurate to select the desired images of high quality, and, what’s more important, they don’t violate copyrights.

Thanks for being with us one more year! 🥰

A glass of mulled wine to you!
Happy New Year! 🎄

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