1. new_weddingagent

This wedding agency template is perfect for showcasing the fantastic weddings you’ve arranged, presenting your team, and sharing your clients’ experiences.

2. new_exhibition

If you’re arranging an exhibition or taking part in one, this is your go-to design. An exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to establish contact with retailers, distributors, shopping centers, corporate buyers, and many others. So, it’s a great opportunity to make yourself known. This template can help you make the first step to it.

3. new_coworking

Since remote work is getting more popular, you may want to open your coworking space to provide a better working environment for distance workers. This design will help you show well-thought-out zoning of your coworking space and tell about your services.

4. new_doghandler

This beautiful template provides a great online space to promote and sell your services as a dog handler. You can add advice on how to take care of puppies and videos of how you train the dogs. Don’t forget to tell a couple of words about yourself and your experience to engage new clients.

5. new_chess

“The Queen’s Gambit” has recently won the Internet, and people all over the world started showing a great interest in chess. So if you own a chess school but still haven't created a website to promote it, that’s the right moment. With this stylish design, it won’t take long.

6. new_mortgage

Offering a wide range of mortgage loan processing services? This classic template is sure to attract new clients. Customize text and photos, update contact info, launch your site, and enjoy the result!

7. new_complex

This fresh design can become the first step in helping your potential customers choose their dream apartment at your company. Place a demo video about your housing estates, add layouts, photos, and videos of the apartments to make the first impression on your clients.

8. new_furniture

For a private custom furniture manufacturer, this trendy template is simple and elegant, which is perfect for announcing your love for creating unique modern furniture to make your clients’ homes cozier and more beautiful.

9. new_travel

Travel agencies have been through a lot over the past few years. And an eye-catching website can entice as many clients as a good ad. Place a slider with the most popular places to travel, add info about your best offers and reviews of your regular clients.

10. new_tracking

Some people don’t turn to travel agencies, they arrange their trips on their own. Moreover, in this digital world, more and more people prefer escaping from technology into nature. This means that they may need special equipment for camping. This vivid design is ideal for a company renting out such equipment. It already contains a separate page with the product catalog that you can edit in no time.

11. new_hotel

However, some tourists still like comfort and high-standard amenities. In this case, we’d like to present our new, lovely design for hotel owners. Add photos of your hotel and its premises, tell about its key amenities, and services. Showcase our restaurant, its menu, and dishes. And wait for new clients to call you!

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