New Table Widget

In addition to the existing functionality for creating basic tables, we added a new, much more functional widget which allows you to fine-tune the table view, copy and merge cells.

Working with the PRO tables is similar to setting up Excel or Google spreadsheets — select the necessary cells and right-click on this area to configure them or merge them into one cell.

There’s a great number of options you can use to customize a table view:

    merge and split table cells
    select a custom color for any table element
    show/hide the header
    show/hide the borders
    adjust the size of fields and indents
    change the style of the cell content

In the near future, the PRO tables will also support adding interactive elements like buttons, icons, etc. into the cells :)

Setting Up the Page Preview

You may have already noticed the new feature that allows you to set up the preview of your page when sharing the link in messengers and on social media. For those who haven’t come across the feature yet — check out how it looks in the Builder:

If a link thumbnail image used to be selected automatically depending on its size and the link location on the page, now there are no surprises - you are the one who chooses the way links to your website pages are going to look like.

Increased Speed & Stability

And last but definitely not least, another important news for today: we have done great work optimizing the code of our builder (and actually continue its further improvement). As a result, even now the elements of the builder respond much faster, and uKit has become noticeably more comfortable to work with.

Be sure to write in the comments whether you’ve noticed the improvements in the uKit builder or in the work of your website. Stay tuned for future updates!

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