How to Add Options to a Product?

As any other tweak to your uKit website, it’s a matter of just a few clicks! In the Builder mode, open the page with the products of your store:

Click on the product you would like to add options to. In the top left corner, the corresponding item will appear:

Adding Extra Fees

Simply adding variants to each product is useful, of course, but what makes this new feature much more interesting is the following: For each option in the Extra fee field you can set a modifier for the original price. The modifier is added or subtracted and can be a fixed value or a percentage of the product value. To use a percentage of the value, simply type the percentage using the % sign and to subtract a fixed value, use the minus sign. It couldn't be more simple.

For each product you can add up to 3 different types of options (number of values for each option is unlimited, you can specify as many as you want). For example, for clothes you can add size (S, M, L and XL) and color, for pizzas you can provide flavor variants, for services you can use deadlines and so on.

And How Does It Work for the Buyer?

The options appear when the customer clicks to add the product to the cart:

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments — we look forward to hearing your feedback on the experience with the new functionality and what features you’d like to see added in the future.

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1 mark • 04:20, 19.05.2017
How about adding a image swatch to an option such as a color, wood species, pattern, style or configuration, or an icon representing a size
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2 mark • 04:23, 19.05.2017
Also need ability to add a series of Fixed Price "Upsells" or "Accessories" or "Sub-Products" to go with the main product that are represented by a checkbox  if the customer wants to add them. For example, with a printer you might have a checkbox to add a Printer Cable, or with a table available in different type of wood species for one option, and different finish colors for a second option, you might be able to add an extra leaf as a checkbox accessory
3 Felicia • 15:43, 19.05.2017
Thank you for your suggestions. They were already passed on to our developers and I'm happy to let you know that we will definitely see some of them in the updates, in the near future.
Till then, if you have any other suggestions, don't hesitate to write to us - your feedback is extremely important for us.
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