Single Product Catalog

Every new product that you add to your website via the "Product" widget, is automatically listed in the single product catalog.

When duplicating a product in the catalog, a full copy of that product will be created including customized options.

The number of products in the catalog is unlimited.

Automatic Synchronization

When you change the product name or price, this data will be automatically updated throughout the whole site. The only exception is product description — it must be changed manually.

New Options when Clicking on the Buy Button

Depending on the settings — whether a product has or doesn’t have options, the following actions are available when clicking on the “Buy” button:

    add a product to cart (no product options)
    open the product card in a pop-up window

Separate Product Page

You can add the “Learn more” button for your clients to go to the product page (not in a pop-up window). You can add any widget to this page just like you add them to other pages.

You can find and edit all the product pages in the “Online Store” section of the “Site Pages” tab:

Coming Soon

This is not the end of good news for online store owners! :) In one of the next updates, we will present another long-awaited feature — adding a gallery instead of a single product picture.

The functionality for adding promo codes is under development too.

Liked this update? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what other features you’d like to see added to the “Online Store”! :)

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