Image Optimization Settings

Page load speed is extremely important, that’s why we give our users an opportunity to make their sites work as fast as possible by optimizing images. In addition, you can fine-tune the custom balance between the quality of images and their weight.

Timer That Gets Restarted Upon Each Page Reload

In the settings of the Timer widget, there’s a new option that allows choosing the timer type that restarts upon reloading the website page. It means that whenever visitors enter your site, they will see the timer start the countdown from the hours and minutes you had defined.

Comment Widget — Now on All Site Pages

Whereas in the past commenting was available only for publications on the blog, now it can be easily activated for all site pages. To find the corresponding widget, search under the Social tab.

Prohibit Site Indexing

In the site settings, now you can find a new section where it’s possible to hide your entire site from indexing by search engine crawlers. This feature might come in handy if you just start filling your site with content and don’t want your unfinished site to be displayed in search results.

New Сurrencies for Online Store

You talked — we listened! Based on your requests, we’ve added new currencies to the Online Store settings:

    Lebanese pound (LBP),
    Thai baht (THB),
    Kuwaiti dinar (KWD),
    Iraqi dinar (IQD),
    Omani rial (OMR),
    Kyrgyzstani som (KGS),
    Azerbaijani manat (AZN),
    Moldovan leu (MDL),
    Serbian dinar (RSD).

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