Video Widget

Starting from now, upon adding a desired video, you can configure the following settings for it in the Builder:

  • show related videos to play next
  • display the player controls
  • show the video title
  • turn on the autoplay

“Reply-to” Title for Email Forms

Following your requests, we have revamped the work logic of the email forms by adding a system title “reply-to” to the pop-up feedback forms. This way, you will instantly get an idea where a new request came from:

The sender’s email address has changed too. Now the notifications about new messages come from the mailbox.

Editing Information for Buyers

Now it has become even more convenient! We have mirrored the field to provide information for buyers from the checkout page to the shop settings.

The “Information for buyers” fields are completely synchronized. The Builder will remember the most recent settings you apply.

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1 Anonymously • 19:02, 22.11.2017
If u guys can add INR (indian Rupee) in your store currency settings, then it would be more convenient to me.
so I can use Ukit store as my default store.
2 julia_piglet • 19:43, 22.11.2017
Thank you for your suggestion smile We have included adding INR to the list of feature requests and will consider it as a future improvement.
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