Hiding a page from search engine results

This feature will come in handy both for beginners and advanced users who pay a great deal of attention to the correctness of SEO promotion. Now you can stop search engines from indexing specific pages of your website, except the Home page. This will be useful if, for example, you don’t want the web crawlers to visit your website and collect information before its due time.

To activate this feature, open the Site Pages section in the left panel, click on , and select the SEO tab.

Uploading an image with a link

Does your website include a lot of visual content? Do you actively use such widgets as Image, Gallery, and Slider? Then this addition is just for you! If a desired image is located somewhere on the Web, you no longer need to download it and then manually upload to your website. Now, you can simply specify the image URL and that’s it.

Navigate to this new feature by opening the Image Library for a widget where you want to add an image to and select the With a link option.

Rearranging rows in the Price List widget

This feature allows to change rows’ order in a table with prices. You can move an item around by simply dragging and dropping it to a new location.

Now go give a shot to the new features and let us know what you think!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated by everyone on the uKit team. Without your input uKit wouldn’t be where it is today!

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