What’s Changed for New Users

You will find the copyright block in the footer of all created websites:

During the trial, you can choose the copyright design: dark or light. The Minimal Plan also allows choosing the design but you can’t remove it completely. To do it, you will have to switch to the Basic, eCommerce or Pro Plan.

Upgrading the Minimal Plan to the Basic, eCommerce or Pro Plan, you will be able to remove the copyright block selecting the corresponding option on the dashboard (Settings section).

What’s Changed for Old Clients

The new changes won’t affect the websites you had already purchased if they work with the Basic, eCommerce or Pro Plan. The website footer will remain untouched.

However, a dark copyright block will appear on the websites with the Minimal Plan. You can easily change the design to light under Settings or disable the copyright at all.

Note: This option is available for the websites which had been bought until July 2, 2019.

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