How to Find New Designs

When choosing a design on your uKit Dashboard, you can switch to the New tab. It’s worth doing that from time to time to never miss our fresh exciting templates. Recently, 4 new designs were added to our collection, some of them have already made their way to the top of the most popular ones:

Bright, Modern & Minimalistic

Dog Kennel

French Pastry

Floral Design Studio

Minecraft Games

New Widgets Are Already Built In

Even though we always keep you in the loop about new widgets that appear on uKit — here on the blog as well as on social media — a part of our users may overlook this information and miss the chance to arrange content on their websites in a new, convenient and beautiful way.

And new designs, among other things, offer a perfect opportunity to put our freshly released widgets to use!

There Are Never Too Many Good Designs

This is our motto and now are working heads down to deliver over 10 new, bright designs to you. Are there any templates that you’d like to see added? Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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