Integration with SendPulse

The SendPulse widget that you have been requesting a lot recently is now out to allow you to set up convenient web push notifications for your website visitors in just a few clicks.

To connect the widget to your website, go to the Dashboard of your account:

push sendpulse

How Do I Connect Web Push Notifications?

PRO Table Widget Update

When we introduced this widget, we promised that some new features were going to be added to it soon. We have been true to our word and are now ready to present its first improvements (by the way, we are actively working on the next ones already).

The first new feature we added is the opportunity to select the cell type:

A table cell can be:

    normal text
    styled text

The button option allows you to configure all standard settings of the button view, just like you do for text. For example, you can choose the size and design.

Liked the update? Tell us about it in the comments! ;-)

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