Video Background for Blocks

If you want to make your page more dynamic, setting up a video background is a perfect solution. Just a couple of clicks and a video is nicely playing behind the blocks with your information. It’s especially eye-catching on travel websites where a beautiful timelapse is placed on the background!

To turn your static web page background into a video, go to the Background tab of the block you’d like to apply changes to:

Add a link to a video from YouTube or Vimeo:

On the panel that will appear on the left, you can:

    configure an overlay and its intensity
    choose an alignment option
    zoom in or zoom out
    set the video playback speed
    add effects

Space Widget Setup

We couldn’t help but listen to the voice of perfectionists who’ve been asking to make it possible to fine-tune the Space widget. Now not only can you highlight the borders of widgets with a dotted line but also manually set the height of the widget in pixels.

There's more to it than that — new features to make this widget even more flexible are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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