We’ve been closely listening to your feedback and implemented this feature based directly on your suggestions. First of all, making your website accessible to the visually impaired will allow you to target a wider audience of users and grow your customer base. Also, from the ethical point of view, it’s the right thing to do. The visually impaired will certainly appreciate your efforts and their close ones will take notice of your care.

Apart from ethical and commercial reasons, it is very likely that such website version is obligatory under the laws of your country and the failure to comply with the certain design standards may lead to legal actions. For example, since 2011, all US federal websites must be accessible to people with disabilities. This is not applicable to private businesses, but strongly advised.

The version for the visually impaired is located in the Design section of the Builder. There, you can also set up the color of the strip of the floating bar as well as the alignment of the switch button.

How to enable the site version for visually impaired

The button switching to the version for the visually impaired will be displayed in the upper part of your published website. The menu with the version settings remains on top and doesn’t interfere with scrolling.

With this version enabled, the visitors of your website can independently define the font size, choose the color scheme, and switch on or off the display of the images.

That’s all for now. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!

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1 choudharychamanlal • 15:58, 11.09.2016
2 Caterpillar • 23:16, 11.09.2016
Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t get your question. Could you be more specific?
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