1.5x faster
builder operation speed

41,710 requests
answered by the support team

new features*

internal releases

brand-new designs

*for example, we integrated SendPulse with our builder and added the PRO Table widget.

What Have We Been Up To Those 365 Days?

    Adaptive View

    Now it’s only up to you to choose how your project is going to look on mobile devices. Hide unnecessary blocks, configure the position of widgets and set up block backgrounds for a mobile and tablet view to achieve the perfect result!

    Google PageSpeed & Faster Builder

    In the past year, we put big efforts into optimizing the code of the uKit builder (and actually continue its further improvement). You can already see the results of our work — the elements of the builder respond much faster and the overall site-building experience has been noticeably enhanced. In addition, the page load speed has been improved, which has a positive impact on your rankings in search engines.

    Automatic Issuance of an SSL Certificate

    Securing your site with HTTPS is one of the keys to having a successful business in 2019. Google makes no secret of the fact that this is considered as one of their ranking factors. Having this in mind, we automatically activate an SSL certificate when a domain name is connected to a site.

    Giving Temporary Access to Manage a uKit Website

    If you work with a freelancer who updates the site for you, or you want to allow your assistant to edit your site, yet are hesitant to give them access to your account, issuing temporary rights would be the best way to go.

    Custom Classes for Blocks and Widgets

    The holders of the Pro subscriptions received an opportunity to create a custom class that allows styling widgets and blocks. This feature comes in handy when you need to apply unique design to some widget without touching the rest of the widgets.

    Video Background for Blocks

    Make your page look more dynamic by setting a YouTube or Vimeo video as a background. Choose the playback speed and zoom options and experiment with effects. No coding skills are needed!

    PRO Table

    In addition to the existing functionality for creating basic tables, we added a new, more robust widget that makes it possible to fine-tune the table design as well as copy and merge cells.

    New Features for Menu Items

    An unclickable menu item is something you had been asking us a lot. This option is of particular help when you need to create a parent menu item with a drop-down list.

    Updated Google Maps

    Google has updated its Maps Terms of Service. Now, in order to add a map to your website, you need to get an API key and specify it in the settings of the Map widget. We prepared a simple and comprehensible manual on this.

    Integration with SendPulse

    The SendPulse allows setting up convenient web push notifications for your site visitors in just a few clicks.

    The Social Networks Widget Update

    We implemented a new batch of popular messengers and social media (including Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and other ) that make it even more convenient to stay in touch with your audience.

    Thumbnail Image for Messengers and Social Media

    If a link thumbnail image used to be selected automatically depending on its size and the link location on the page, now there are no surprises - you are the one who chooses the way links to your website pages are going to look like.

    Configuring a Block by Screen Height

    If the block height is determined by the screen size, now it’s possible to additionally enable the content alignment options: top, center and bottom.

    The Space Widget Update

    We couldn’t help but listen to the voice of perfectionists who’ve been asking to make it possible to fine-tune the Space widget. Now not only can you highlight the borders of widgets with a dotted line but also manually set the height of the widget in pixels.

    My Sites Tab

    The uKit Dashboard received the My sites tab which allows you to sort the sites the way you like: by name, date they were created, paid plan and other parameters.

    301 Redirect System

    With this feature, moving your project from third-party platforms to uKit without loosing SEO parameters has become even easier. This type of redirect allows transferring the link juice from one page to another.

    Subscription Management

    We introduced a convenient system for managing all subscriptions to uKit emails in one window. Just open your profile settings and select/unselect checkboxes next to the needed paragraphs.

    rel="canonical" Attribute

    A "rel canonical" attribute is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical attribute prevents problems caused by "duplicate" content appearing on multiple URLs.

Coming Soon

We have accomplished so much, but the best is yet to come. Here's what is coming your way soon:

An updated text editor WYSIWYG v.2 that has become even more convenient and robust. It will make it possible to apply a custom font size and color in just a few clicks. In addition, it will allow adding color backgrounds for your texts!

One more exciting update introduces new block settings to your site. You will be able to create pinned blocks by making the desired block stay at the top or bottom of the page while scrolling. Plus, it will be possible to choose the block display behavior — fix the block straight away upon opening the page or make the block stick upon scrolling down to the block position.

Another fresh feature that will make its way soon is something you've been requesting a lot lately — a horizontal contact form.

Finally, one more addition lined up to be implemented with the upcoming update is block shadows. If used correctly, this will add an interesting touch to your site design.

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