Once, a client asked our SEO specialists to find out why the website just stopped generating new leads. The problem was that the client’s custom domain email where all the messages from customers were sent to was down. The messages kept flowing in but were marked by the system as spam.

This story is about many things. Firstly, it’s important to know how to work with email clients. Secondly, it’s useful to be well versed in the analytics systems. And this case also teaches us that the loss of customers could have been avoided if the leads from the website had been automatically forwarded to CRM as well. So you can integrate such a CRM with your uKit website, and it will take you only a few minutes.


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1. Save Your Time and Effort

— What's the deadline?
— Yesterday!

Sounds familiar, right? If it doesn’t, lucky you! Anyway, there’s no surprise that automation of mundane manual work — whether it’s sorting leads in the base or calculating the percentage of the customers who haven’t paid — is a wise decision that will take your business to the next level.

Free up time for more important tasks such as planning things, finding partners and new opportunities for growing your business.

In the CRM, the statistics detail is at your fingertips. All the leads from feedback forms, pop-up windows, and the “Product” widget will automatically be sent to the system.

2. Improve Your Customer Service

Another advantage of a CRM is that it allows you to improve your customer service and as a result, get a loyal client who will not only return to you but also recommend your services to others. Word of mouth is an effective and, what is more important, a free way of enticing new customers!

Review this case:

You are about to close the deal, but your client is going abroad next week and asks you not to disturb them on the phone — you can keep in touch with them only via email. Add this info to the CRM, and all managers of your company will know how to contact the client without causing inconvenience.

3. Import and Export Your Customer Base

In BoardCRM, you can sort out the leads by responsible managers. The business owners who don’t process leads themselves but assign managers to handle them are sure to benefit from this feature.

If your lead base is in Excel (by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that), you can easily import it to CRM. Or vice versa, you can export all the deal and lead data as a CSV file at any time to keep working with them in Excel or Google Sheets formats.

4. Prioritize Your Leads

When the number of leads increases — this is something we wish to all uKit users — it’s crucial to prioritize which of them to process first. The “first come, first served” approach doesn’t work for all cases. That’s why the CRM gives you an option to mark leads with color and enable notifications.

How to Enable CRM for Your uKit Website?

First, create an account on BoardCRM. The service is already integrated with the uKit builder, so you can enable it in a snap.

    1. Once you’re signed up for BoardCRM, create a board for collecting leads. Name it and go to the Board Settings:

    2. Under Tokens for API, create a new token for API, enter the token name and click Create:

    Copy the token.
    3. Сlick on the BoardCRM widget on the uKit Dashboard:

    4. Paste the API key to the input field and click Save:

You’re almost there! All the leads are added to the board in CRM. You can learn how to work with them and set up a feedback form here.

Subscribe to the Premium plan for any period and get 20% off using the NEW20 promocode!


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