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How To Create a Free Multiple Link Page for Instagram

Added by: karolina_nukhrikian , 14:14 4484

Great news! Our colleagues from the uSocial platform launched a new service for those who develop not only sites but also accounts in social networks.

inTouch is a simple, user-friendly, free service for creating multiple link pages. Usually, social networks don’t allow placing more than one link in the profile header. So inTouch is here to solve this problem!

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How Do I Add a Booking Form to My uKit Website?

Added by: karolina_nukhrikian , 14:01 5331

Today we'll tell you about a seamless way to add an online booking form to your uKit website. Such a form will be very useful to those who provide beauty services: hairdressers, makeup artists, nail masters, etc.

It won't take more than half an hour to connect the form, and all data will automatically get from the form into the CRM system to make it easier for you to work with them!

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Benefits of Integrating Your Website & CRM

Added by: karolina_nukhrikian , 19:10 3236

Some people tend to think that automation of routine processes is only for big companies. We are here to bust this myth! :) If your work is somehow related to attracting customers online (since you read this post, it’s probably the case), enabling a CRM for your website can highly increase your site's efficiency.

Collect leads from all pages of your uKit website via feedback forms, pop-up windows, and the "Product" widget, and then process them under one roof in the CRM. Each and every lead will be accounted!

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