How Do I Find the New Feature?

Sign in to your account and click the Settings button on the Dashboard. Here you would need the new Developer access tab:

Why Is It Necessary and How Safe Is That?

We believe the answer to the first question is quite obvious. If you use the services of a freelancer who updates your site, or share access to the website with your assistant but don't want to give access to the entire account, the temporary rights feature will be exactly what you need.

With temporary access, a rights holder can:

    Change website design, add or remove widgets and pages
    View website statistics in Google Analytics
    Configure SEO settings of a website

Using temporary access, a rights holder cannot:

    Manage payments, view billing history
    Remove a website or give temporary access to a third party

When you grant temporary access to a website, the system automatically creates its backup copy that cannot be removed. If something goes wrong, the website owner can always get back to the previous version of the project.

The maximum period you can grant temporary rights for is 999 days. What’s important is that you can cancel access that has already been given at any time.

Here’s how a temporary rights holder will see another user’s website:

If someone gave you temporary access to manage their website, just go to the My Sites tab which has recently appeared on uKit (we covered this update here), and select the necessary project from the list of websites.

Ran into an issue or know how this feature can be improved? Share it in the comments below!

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1 adriog13 • 07:03, 24.05.2018
Será que o que é melhor que o wix, ou o que é melhor que o ukit?
2 julia_piglet • 12:53, 25.05.2018
For more information about the advantages of uKit,  please visit our Knowledge Base: smile
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3 dajon85 • 02:40, 12.06.2018
I've been trying to upgrade my ukit account but it keeps bringing error
4 Felicia • 13:35, 12.06.2018
Thank you for your message. Could you please send us more details on the issue you are dealing with? What error do you encounter? A screenshot of it, with the Console tab of the browser opened (Ctrl + Shift + i) would be very helpful. We recommend you to send this data within a ticket through the Dashboard of your website.
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