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New Text Editor & Font Settings for Mobile Devices

Added by: Caterpillar , 16:22 2051

TGIF and a happy Friday to you! Today we’re excited to share the great news: we’ve added the long-awaited feature that allows configuring font sizes and line spacing for each specific device — a PC, tablet and mobile phone.

In addition, as our most attentive could have noticed, we’ve revamped the work of the text editor. Read on to learn the details!

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FB Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Map Widget & Block Shadows

Added by: karolina_nukhrikian , 15:27 2754

Happy Friday, everyone! Before diving into our freshest updates, we’d like to bring your attention to the uKit mastermind, Evgeny Kurt, who spells out his vision on the uKit further development plans, spin-off projects and services, promotion tools and more. Check out his interview here to form your own opinion and leave your comments.

Now on to our topic of uKit new functionality. Firstly, you can finally enjoy Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager widgets. The long-awaited Map widget is back in the game! What is more, you don’t need to get an API key to connect a map to your website. Plus, we added a new effect for blocks — now, you can configure it, highlight a certain block and give it a faint glow.

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Digest of uKit Summer Updates

Added by: Caterpillar , 17:05 2216

Hi everyone! We know very well that you’ve been looking forward to seeing new features in our builder, and today we’re excited to announce a whole batch of updates that are already available on your sites. Sit back and enjoy the roundup!

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uKit Copyright for New Websites

Added by: karolina_nukhrikian , 12:40 2100

In today's update, we bring you an important change in our website builder — a new copyright block has been added to uKit templates. It is presented in two design options: dark and light.

We'll make it clear straight away: if you are already our client, this addition won’t have an impact on the websites you had already paid for.

Now, details.

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Pinned Blocks & Icon Animation Effects

Added by: Caterpillar , 17:57 2841

Our today’s post unveils two new features that have made their way to uKit. The first one allows making your website blocks pinned by placing them at the top or at the bottom of the page. And the second one powers up the Icon widget with animation effects.

The animation option has a pretty simple learning curve so it should be really easy to master. While the pinned blocks have some tricks that help achieve the best results. Read on to learn more :)

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Google Maps Widget Update

Added by: julia_piglet , 17:40 2483

Good news! Google Maps functionality is back to uKit — you probably remember that this feature was temporarily disabled due to changes in the Google policy of using Maps API. Find more details about this below.

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SendPulse Widget and New Features of PRO Tables

Added by: julia_piglet , 11:34 2244

Our most attentive users must have already noticed that uKit has a new widget. For those who didn’t notice, here’s the news — we have added integration with SendPulse!

Also, in addition to some minor bug fixes, this update includes a number of promised improvements to the PRO Table widget. We will tell about them below. Let’s go!

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Video Background for Blocks & Space Widget Update

Added by: Caterpillar , 16:57 2461

We keep on making your feature wishes come true! Today we’re going to unveil the update you’ve been anticipating and requesting a great many times. Now uKit makes it possible to set up a video background without installing third-party scripts. And last but not least — we’ve implemented some useful additions to the setting of the Space widget. Enjoy!

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Customize Mobile & Tablet View of Your uKit Website

Added by: Caterpillar , 17:27 2446

Today we are excited to unveil one of the most-anticipated updates to our uKit builder. This new cool feature makes it possible to fine-tune your site for the mobile experience.

From now on, you are in full control of how your site appears on mobile devices — hide unnecessary blocks, tweak the number of columns to display in widgets, and change block backgrounds to achieve that perfect look and feel!

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Giving Temporary Access to Manage a uKit Website

Added by: julia_piglet , 17:49 2567

It’s finally here! Today we are glad to tell you about this highly anticipated new feature — the possibility to give temporary limited access for managing a uKit website.

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